Beaumont FAQs

Medical Records

Can I get a copy of my films?

Diagnostic Health provides films/CDs to your physician as requested. If you need an additional copy, there may be a nominal charge. Please contact the sites respective medical records department for more information.

How long does Diagnostic Health keep my records on file?

Diagnostic Health’s current policy is to maintain films and reports associated with your exam(s) for ten years (in most cases, this exceeds federal and state statute requirements).


What Insurance is accepted at the Beaumont location?

We participate in all known commercial and government plans and products. Negotiations in progress at all times.

We accept the following insurances:

  • Blue Cross / Blue Shield
  • Aetna
  • Cigna
  • United Healthcare
  • PHCS
  • Medicare

Questions regarding claims can be handled by the Diagnostic Billing Office

How do I pay my bill or contact the Beaumont billing office?

Diagnostic Billing Office

Diagnostic Health will file your claim to your insurance company on your behalf. Once the insurance company processes the claim we will send you a statement for any patient amount due. If you have questions regarding your account or need assistance please contact our customer service department.

Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday, 8:00am – 6:00pm CST

Customer Service Number

Toll Free 866-685-5001 or 817-570-7300.

Pay Your Billing Online

Click here to pay your bill online.

Mail Payments to

Diagnostic Health Beaumont
PO Box 23289
Hilton Head Island, SC 29925-3289

What do I need to bring with me to facilitate the payment process?

We will need your complete insurance information, including your insurance card, ID number, and group number. In addition, for workers’ compensations claims and automobile injuries, bring your claim number, the date of injury and the name and address of the claims adjustment company.

Do I need preauthorization from my health care policy or plan?

If an authorization is needed, Diagnostic Health (on behalf of your physician) obtains an authorization prior to your visit. Some sites, due to state statute or insurance constraints are not allowed to provide this service for physicians. Diagnostic Health encourages you to be familiar with your respective insurance plan.

I don’t have medical insurance. Can I get a price quotation on my procedure?

If you do not have medical insurance and/or you are concerned about paying for your procedure, you can call the site you plan to visit for your exam. They can give you an estimate and inform you of payment options.

Does Diagnostic Health file secondary claims as well as primary ones?



Will I need a driver?

Some procedures will require a driver for your safety (i.e., if sedation or anesthetic are administered). You will be instructed if a driver is required during the appointment scheduling process.

I’m coming from out of town. Where can I spend the night?

With 24 hours’ advance notice, Diagnostic Health will be happy to recommend nearby accommodations for out-of-town patients.

How soon can I book an appointment with Diagnostic Health? Can I fit my appointment into my work schedule?

Many of our centers offer extended hours, including early mornings, evenings and weekends. In many cases, we can schedule you the same day you call for an appointment. Our goal is to schedule your appointment at the most convenient time for you.

Imaging Procedures & Preparation

Why do I need to be at the center before my exam time?

It’s necessary for you to arrive early in order to complete your paperwork and prepare for your exam.

Why do I need to bring my previous scan or x-rays?

Our radiologists will want to compare those studies to the new scan.

What type of clothing should I wear for my exam?

Wear comfortable, metal-free clothing (i.e., sweat pants, T-shirt, shorts, metal-free bra, etc.). It may be necessary to have you change into a gown or scrubs depending on the exam and the area being scanned. Secure lockers will be provided for your personal belongings.

What if I still have questions after reviewing this Web site?

There will be time for a qualified technologist to answer all of your questions before the exam begins. We also invite you to call your local center with any immediate questions or concerns.